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Beko Turkish Coffee Machine 6 cup Copper

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Beko Turkish Coffee Machine 6 cup Red

Brand: Beko
  • Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine.
  • 2 separate brewing pots: each brews up to 6 cups at once in less than 3 minutes.
  • Features:
    • Cook sense: Brewing detection technology that cooks coffee with ideal thickness.
    • Adjustable cup size for automatic use.
    • Induction heating technology.
    • Shows when the machine is running low on water or beans.
    • Spin jet system: automatic water jet mixing system that creates foam and makes thick coffee.
    • Anti spill system.
    • One touch smart brewing.
    • Automatically fills water from the tank.
    • Light and sound indicators.
  • Color: Red.
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Beko Turkish Coffee Machine 6 cup Red:

An easy-to-use appliance with sleek red glass finish, Beko Turkish Coffee Machine automatically brews up to 6 cups of traditional Turkish coffee at once with one simple touch. With two pots of 1.5L capacity, you can make your coffee with and without sugar simultaneously in both at the same time. It automatically fills water into the brewing pots from the pre-filled water tank. It also shows when it is running low on water level or bean quantity, signalling the user to refill these contents.

Further, the 3D Induction Cooking technology uses a precise temperature to perfect the taste. And the Cook Sense technology tracks brew thickness and brews perfect coffee with the ideal thickness of Traditional Turkish coffee. Designed with an automatic water jet mixing system that dispenses an ideal mix of foam and coffee directly into your cup. Also features an anti spill system that prevents spillage and keeps your countertop stain free. Plus, the sound and light warning systems show the status of coffee at each preparation stage.


How to use this Turkish Coffee Machine:
  • Fill the detachable reservoir with water. Adjust the amount of water according to your cup when you start the machine for the first time.
  • Add coffee and sugar into the mug and place it into the machine.
  • Press the button according to the desired servings of coffee, the button will illuminate with white light to show selection.
  • Wait for 1-1.5 minutes for 1 cup, 1.5-2.5 minutes for 2 cups and 2-3.5 minutes for 3 cups of coffee.
  • When your coffee is ready, your appliance will make a warning sound and the white indicator light will start blinking.
  • Pour your cup to the brim with delicious coffee.


Care and Use:
  • If you wish to cancel the brewing process for any reason, just press and hold the previously selected button again for 3 seconds.
  • Consecutively using the machine will reduce the boiling times and thus speeded coffee preparation.
  • Clean the non-stick mug immediately after every use.
  • Wipe the insides of the machine if required with a moist towel. Do not wash the machine.
  • Do not wash the water reservoir and water tank in a dishwasher.
  • Clean the pot with a decalcifying product to remove lime buildup, which occurs after several uses.

Kindly read the User Manual before using the machine for the first time.


Enjoy cafe-style hot drinks at the comfort of your own home with Beko Turkish Coffee Machines. It ensures consistent and excellent taste with every cup on a simple touch of a button.

More Information
Color Black/Red
Brand Beko
Origin Turkey
Product Type Coffee Machine
Voltage 220V - 240V
Power 1100W
Material Pot: Aluminium
Coffee Machine Type Turkish Coffee Machine
Capacity Coffee Pot: 6 cup, Water Tank: 1.5L
Shipping Weight (Kg) 4.50
Width (cm) 32
Length (cm) 39
Height (cm) 23
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