Arkadia Chai Tea Matcha 220g

Arkadia Chai Tea Matcha 220g

Dolomia Still Water Glass Bottles (20x330mL)

Brand: Dolomia
  • Exceptionally pure still mineral water.
  • Sourced from Eastern Dolomite rock in Italian Alps.
  • Packaged in sleek glass bottles perfect for the hospitality sector.
  • Enhances the gastronomic experience and pairs perfectly with exquisite food.
  • Naturally alkaline with unique mineral composition.
  • Quantity: 20 Bottles of 330mL.
Expiry Date: 28 Feb 2025
Availability: In stock

Dolomia Still Water Glass Bottles (20x330mL):

With these 330mL glass bottles of Dolomia still water, embellish your table with a touch of sophistication and refinement. Ideally suited for the hospitality sector, as its sleek contour befits the unique water inside. It will enhance the gastronomic experience thanks to its naturally clean and delicate taste, which pairs perfectly with exquisite food.

Dolomia is a low mineral content water that springs from Eastern Dolomite rock in Italian Alps, where it lies in contact for decades. As a result, it absorbs the most precious elements and has a unique mineral composition with an exceptional concentration of naturally dissolved oxygen. Further, it is naturally alkaline, making it a perfect addition to diets for all age groups. It will aid in digestion, help stimulate gastric secretion as well as encourage diuresis. Also, recommended as a daily hydration solution for newborn babies and pregnant ladies.



Natural Mineral Water.


Nutrition - Typical Values:

Calcium: 26.2 mg/L, Magnesium: 14.2 mg/L, Nitrate: <2.4 mg/L, Sodium: <0.2 mg/L, Dissolved Oxygen: 10.7 mg/L, Bicarbonate: 162.8 mg/L, Arsenic: <0.001 mg/L and pH: 8.0.


Dolomia is an exceptionally pure water, which takes the most precious elements from the rock it originates from. It is one of the lightest low-mineral content waters available. Check out the range of water bottles, here.

More Information
Beverage Type Still Water
Brand Dolomia
Quantity 20 Bottles of 330mL
Origin Italy
Product Type Water
Packaging Glass
Shipping Weight (Kg) 7.00
Length (cm) 35
Height (cm) 30
Width (cm) 20
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