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ECM Technika V Profi PID Coffee Machine

ECM Mechanika V Slim Coffee Machine

AED 6,900.00
  • Espresso Coffee Machine.
  • Heat exchanger system machine with vibration pump.
  • Compact design.
  • ECM brew group.
  • Comes with Dual pressure gauges and 2 ergonomic ECM portafilters.
  • Easy access to the expansion valve for an individual brew pressure adjustment.
  • Removable cup warming tray for easy cleaning.
  • Capacity: Water Tank - 2.8L, Boiler - 2.2L.
AED 6,900.00
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Mechanika V Slim

ECM Mechanika V Slim Coffee Machine:

The stylish Mechanika V Slim from ECM is a compact and modern heat exchanger system coffee machine. The inclusion of a vibration pump allows the size to be compact enough to fit in places with limited space with no compromise on quality, style and performance. Inspired by German industrial design, the machine comes with stainless steel housing and a mirror finish. And as it deploys a heat exchanger system, you can brew and steam simultaneously, allowing you to make perfect lattes and cappuccinos with no wait time.

It comes with a high-end ECM brew group which is constantly heated with water from the thermosiphon system for temperature stability. Includes two stylish ergonomic portafilters with weight-balanced shape and angled grip. Also equipped with a 1400W stainless steel boiler, with a capacity of 2.2L, and pressure gauges for both boiler and pump. The boiler also features thermal insulation for greater energy efficiency. The removable cup warming tray allows for easy access to the water tank for cleaning. And you can adjust the individual brew pressure with well-positioned expansion valve.


How to use this Coffee Machine:
  • Use the portafilter with 1 spout and the corresponding filter (1 cup) for preparing 1 cup. In case of preparing 2 cups use the portafilter with 2 spouts and the big filter.
  • Ensure the filter is locked into the portafilter firmly.
  • Fill the finely ground coffee into the filter and compress it with the tamper.
  • Now clamp the portafilter firmly into the brew group and place a cup under the spout of the portafilter.
  • Now move the brew lever into the upper position to start the brewing process.
  • Place the brew lever back into the original position once it reaches the desired volume.
  • In case you need to add milk, use the steam wand to froth the milk (Refer the manual to know more).
  • Enjoy your fresh cup of coffee.


Care and Use:
  • After the brewing process, the gauge still indicates a certain pressure. Only when preparing another cup of coffee will the build-up of pressure be visible again.
  • Recommended to leave the portafilter in the brew group keeping it warm for optimum temperature for coffee extraction.
  • Clean the steam and hot water valve after every use.
  • Depending on usage, please refresh the boiler water every 2–3 weeks by operating the pump switch and extracting about 0.8L of hot water from the steam wand.
  • Use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning. Never use abrasive or chloric detergents.
  • Never immerse the machine in water to prevent danger of an electric shock.
Kindly refer to instructions manual before using the coffee machine for the first time.


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More Information
Color Silver
Brand ECM
Origin Germany
Group Head 1-Group
Product Type Coffee Machine
Voltage 230V
Power 1400W
Material Body: Stainless Steel, Boiler: Stainless steel
Coffee Machine Type Espresso Machine
Capacity Water Tank: 2.8L, Boiler: 2.2L
Shipping Weight (Kg) 27.50
Width (cm) 45
Length (cm) 30.2
Height (cm) 45
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