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Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker - Rouge Red

was AED 399.00 Special Price AED 295.00
Brand: Fakir Kaave
  • Automatic Turkish Coffee Machine.
  • Ergonomic design, large spout with removable filter and one button operation.
  • Lumina sense technology detects and prevents overflow of the rising foam.
  • Auto shut off and Dry Boil Safety features.
  • Light and sound warning indicators with a water level indicator for easy accessibility.
  • Includes coffee measurement spoon.
  • Capacity: 4 cups (1L).
  • Color: Rouge Red.
was AED 399.00 Special Price AED 295.00
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Fakir Kaave Turkish Coffee Maker:

The Fakir Kaave is a stylish, safe and classic automatic coffee maker for Turkish Coffee lovers to enjoy a traditional experience at the press of one button. With this machine prepare up to 4 cups of Turkish coffee at a time in under 3 minutes quickly and easily. The compact size, ergonomic design in stylish bright red and black color makes it perfect for use at home or office spaces. Also comes with an ergonomic insulated handle and a large spout for easy pouring. The light and sound warning system plus a water level indicator helps improve accessibility.

It features Lumina Sense Technology that detects the rising foam and prevents boil over from the pot, leaving you with the perfect quantity of foam for a traditional Turkish coffee experience. Plus, it determines the time required to brew your coffee based on the amount of sugar and coffee in the brewing vessels, and notifies you once your coffee is ready. And it shuts down automatically when the brewing process is complete and also features boil dry protection, i.e. it won't operate without water in the jug.


How to use this Coffee Maker:
  • Add the required amount of water, coffee and sugar in the pot.
  • Place the pot in position and securely lock it until you hear a click sound.
  • Press the button on top to start the brewing process. 
  • In 1-3 minutes, dependent on the selection of cups, the brewing process will be complete. You will hear 3 short “beeping” sounds at the end of the brewing process.
  • Pour the coffee into Turkish coffee cups immediately.


Care and Use:
  • Clean the pot after every use. Never clean it in a dishwasher.
  • Wash the brewing chamber under running water. Use a damp, soft cloth to clean the machine, use a mild cleaning agent if necessary.
  • Only water should be used to brew coffee; under no circumstances, should milk or other liquids be used.
  • Always use the measuring spoon provided to measure ingredients.
  • Do not submerge the device or the network cable in water or any other liquid.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, metal objects, or hard brushes to clean the device.
  • Descale the device if deposits build up on the inside.

Kindly read the instruction manual included before using the coffee machine for the first time.


Kaave range of coffee machines is colorful and modern looking and deploys innovative technology to make it more user friendly. Check out the complete range, here.

More Information
Color Black/Red
Brand Fakir Kaave
Origin Turkey
Product Type Coffee Machine
Voltage 220V
Power 735W
Material Plastic
Coffee Machine Type Turkish Coffee Machine
Capacity 4 cups (1L)
Shipping Weight (Kg) 2.00
Width (cm) 25
Length (cm) 30
Height (cm) 20
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