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Gastroback Design Espresso Piccolo Coffee Machine - White

Gastroback Design Espresso Piccolo Coffee Machine - Black

AED 1,188.00
Brand: Gastroback
  • Easy to use Espresso machine in astonishing compact design.
  • Suitable for ground coffee and E.S.E pods.
  • Housing made of brushed stainless steel and chrome-plated elements.
  • Features powerful heating, professional pump system and 360° steam wand.
  • Capacity: Water Tank - 1.5L.
  • Colour: Black.
AED 1,188.00
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Gastroback Design Espresso Piccolo Coffee Machine - Black:

Gastroback Design Espresso Piccolo is an easy-to-use espresso machine in an astonishing compact design. It is only 15cm wide, which makes it suitable for every kitchen. Available in black color, its body is made of brushed stainless steel and chrome-plated elements. Further, textured milk and hot water are available for brewing your coffee in a matter of seconds. Also, the machine will be ready for operation within 40 seconds after switching it on.

The powerful heating system of the machine will reach the correct operating temperature in a rush and keep a constant brewing temperature. And the professional ULKA espresso pressure pump (19 bar) forces the water through the coffee powder on high pressure. Further, if you are in a hurry and don't want to miss your coffee, use the designated pad filter provided, which allows the usage of E.S.E pods. It also comes with a hot plate to keep your cups warm before pouring and a removable drip tray with water level indicator. Now brew delightful espresso, long black, cappuccino or latte with no time-consuming preparations with this machine.


  • Professional die cast aluminium portafilter with inserts for 1 cup (suitable also for E.S.E. pods) or 2 cups.
  • Filter inserts for 1 and 2 cups.
  • Measuring spoon with tamper.
  • Patented sterile water filter and lime filter.
  • Cleaning set.


How to use this coffee machine:
  • Fill the water tank with cold, clear tap water.
  • Select the required filter basket: 1 cup filter basket, 2 cups filter basket, or pod filter basket (for E.S.E pods).
  • Place the filter basket into the portafilter and press the filter basket down.
  • Fill the coffee powder into the filter basket. With the 1 cup filter basket, use 1-2 measuring spoons of coffee powder. Use 2-3 spoons for the 2 cups filter basket.
  • Place a preheated cup under the portafilter.
  • Press the 1 cup or 2 cups button to start extraction.
  • After some seconds, the espresso should drip from the portafilter spouts.
  • It stops automatically once the pre-programmed volume is extracted.

In case you need instructions on preparing long coffee, pouring hot water or frothing milk, refer to the manual.


Care and Use:
  • Always use fresh cold drinking water for brewing coffee. Do not use mineral water, de-ionized water, carbonated water, or any other liquids.
  • Wipe the hot water / steam wand immediately after each use with a damp cloth and purge to remove any residues of milk or coffee. Similarly, rinse the filter basket and portafilter after every use.
  • Never use hard or sharp-edged objects or abrasive products to clean the appliance.
  • Do not clean the appliance, or power cord, or any of the parts or accessories in a dishwasher.
  • Never immerse the appliance, power cord, or power plug in water or other liquids.
  • Descale the machine regularly, depending upon the hardness of your water.

Kindly refer to the user manual included before using the machine for the first time.


Gastroback aspires to make professional technology usable for the kitchen at home with its range of coffee machines, blender and more. And Bevarabia is glad to associate with them and help make this dream possible. Check out the complete range, here.

More Information
Color Black
Brand Gastroback
Origin Germany
Group Head 1-Group
Product Type Coffee Machine
Voltage 220V - 240V
Power 1400W
Material Body: Brushed Stainless Steel and chrome-plated elements, Portafilter: Die cast Aluminium
Coffee Machine Type Espresso Machine
Capacity Water Tank: 1.5L
Shipping Weight (Kg) 3.66
Width (cm) 150
Length (cm) 30
Height (cm) 30.8
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