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KeepCup Original Nerine Travel Mug 4oz

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KeepCup Brew Qahwa Travel Mug 8oz

  • Barista standard reusable cup.
  • Designed to enjoy the pleasure of coffee on the go.
  • Drafted vessel for easy pour.
  • Lightweight and unbreakable.
  • Durable Tempered Glass.
  • Capacity: 8oz (227mL).
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KeepCup Brew Qahwa Travel Mug 8oz:

KeepCup Brew Qahwa, made of tempered glass, is specially designed to enjoy the craft and sensual drinking pleasure of coffee on the go. This 8oz (227mL) travel mug can withstand heat, with the lid off, up to 100°C/212°F degrees, and is a perfect substitute for traditional disposable takeaway cups. It comes with a press-on soft charcoal lid and Limestone plug, the result of precise engineering and manufacturing, facilitating reuse. Also includes a lightweight, antibacterial and biodegradable silicone chalk colored band, which is BPS and BPA free. This cup improves ease of use in busy cafe environments for those who make and drink coffee.


Care and Use:
  • Don’t use abrasive material or cloth when cleaning.
  • The cups have a splash proof, not a leak-proof seal.
  • The tempered glass is not unbreakable.
  • Do refrain from adding cold liquids into a hot glass, or placing the mug on a wet, icy surface when hot.
  • The lids, plugs and cup components are durable and dishwasher safe. Although the glass is not.


KeepCup aims to reduce disposable cups worldwide with the barista standard low-impact cups, which you can take anywhere. Join the revolution, get a reusable KeepCup and reduce your carbon footprint daily. Check out the complete range, here.

More Information
Capacity 8oz (227mL)
Color Band: Chalk, Lid: Soft Charcoal, Plug: Limestone
Material Band: Silicone, Cup: Tempered glass, Lid: Polypropylene alloy, Plug: LDPE
Height (cm) 8.5
Width (cm) 8.5
Length (cm) 7
Accessories Type Mug
Brand KeepCup
Origin Australia
Product Type Drinkware
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.23
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