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Urnex SuperGrindz Grinder Cleaning Powder

AED 142.00
Brand: Urnex
  • Cleaning powder for grinder chambers in super-automatic espresso machines.
  • Cleans grinder burrs and casings helping extend the life of the grinder.
  • Removes stale coffee residue and flavoured coffee odours.
  • All natural, completely food safe, and gluten-free.
  • Safe and convenient to use with espresso and shop grinders as well.
  • Quantity: 330g.
AED 142.00
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Urnex SuperGrindz Grinder Cleaning Powder:

Urnex presents SuperGrindz, the first ever cleaning powder designed for use with grinder chambers in super-automatic espresso machines. Made of grains and cereals in a coffee bean shaped tablet, it is all natural and safe. It gently dislodges coffee particles while absorbing coffee oil residue when ground through the grinder. It thoroughly cleans grinder burrs and casings, removes most flavoured coffee odours and never clogs up your espresso machine. Also helps improve particle size distribution and remove bitterness from stale coffee oils that may remain in burrs. Further, the hydrophobic formula allows for safe and convenient use in super automatic espresso machines and in espresso and shop grinders.


How to use this cleaning powder:
  • Remove all coffee from the bean hopper.
  • Brew 2 large cups of coffee to use up all remaining beans in the grinding chamber.
  • For super automatic machines, add 26 g (1 full cap) of this powder.
  • After adding the powder, add 78 g of coffee (3 full caps) to the hopper.
  • Brew 5 large cups of coffee, or until the pucks no longer contain traces of the yellow powder.


World leader in specialty cleaning products for coffee equipment, Urnex's range of products serve all facets of the industry. From super automatic espresso machines to grinders, if any cleaning need arises, no need to search any further.

More Information
Quantity 330g
Height (cm) 21
Width (cm) 7
Length (cm) 7
Accessories Type Cleaning Powder
Brand Urnex
Origin United States of America
Product Type Coffee Machine Accessories, Cleaning Products
Shipping Weight (Kg) 0.40
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